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Materials: pink suede leather, handmade sandals, greek leather, genuine greek leather,swarovski crystals, shells, pearls, lave, agade, jade

Suede Pink Greek Leather - "Daisy"

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  • Make a statement with these so beautiful, elegant handcrafted suede leather sandals.
    Genuine Greek leather sandals, "Daisy" are crafted with pale pink suede  leather and they are fully embellished with swarovski crystals, pearls, shells and gold and silver elements, making this pair the perfect accessory, for your summer days and nights.



    ♥ The original leather flip flops (sandals - santalia in Greece), are made by high quality calf leather, which, because it's handmade, has it's natural marks and texture (especially in beige), which make every pair of the sandals unique, apart my crafting and beading.
    The bottom part is made of rubber.
    They get darker as time goes by and they get the shape of the foot since natural leather always stretches out.
    They were worn (the plain ones) by some of the biggest names in Art and show-biz including the Beatles, Jackie Onassis, Rudolf Nureyev, Sophia Loren and they are based on the footwear of Socrates, Plato, Pericles, Achilles and Helen of Troy.

    ♥ CARE:
    Handmade sandals, 100% High Quality Genuine Leather.
    Avoid getting them wet in sea water, but if you do rinse them out under a faucet, let them dry and then smear regular baby oil to soften them up. Baby oil makes them soft and dark where as sea water makes them very dark and stiff.

    ♥ Please allow 5-8 days before shipping,
    as we make these fresh, from scratch, just for you!
    Thanks :-)

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