Handmade item
Materials: crystal quartz, druzy, silver bullet necklace, red leather, silver titanium crystal, gold bullet, recycled bullet, steampunk

Titanium Point in peach color in gold bullet

60,00 €Prix
  • ♥ This gorgeous, necklace is made of a beautiful peach color Titanium point encased in recycled gold bullet shell . An one of a kind stunning unisex quality statement piece.
    All crystals are one of a kind, as nature provides, This is such a trendy pendant, and it will surely make a statement. Is also great for layering with other necklaces.

    ♥ The crystal measures approx. 1.50"
    Bullet and crystal point measures approx. 38-53mm (2-2,5")
    The chain is 60 mm (23,5") long.
    Let me know if you want is shorter or longer.

    ♥ In the 4th photo you can see all colors available.
    You can choose which one you like and let me know in the message to seller before checkout.

    ♥ You can customize your one of a kind bullet necklace by choosing :

    - You can choose a bronze cartridge. or silver or gold

    - As for the chain, you have the following possibilities:
    Gold, silver, black or gold ball chain.

    Or if you want a more hip and playful summery look you can choose a colorful leather in many colors.

    So don't hesitate, start creating yours now :-)